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Measures to protect the vessel side against stevedores injury - Confirmation Statement

Confirmation By Document

The Master shall prepare a statement of fact in which necessary matters are written referring to the attached form , obtain signature of the responsible stevedoring person and agent, and hand over copies to them and the P&I representative.

Handling Personal Injury Report from the Other Party

When the Master is demanded to receive and to sign an injury report from an injured person or a stevedore company, and if the contents of the report are different from the facts confirmed by the vessel, or if the report indicates that the vessel is responsible, the vessel shall reject receipt of the report.

Note : If, for any reason, the Master cannot reject the receipt of a report, the following sentence shall be added to the report to clarify that signing and receiving it does not imply any admission of liability of the vessel side written in the report.
I received your Injury Report without prejudice; or
This signature does not mean any admission of liability.

Recording And Reporting

Entry in the Deck Log Book

The Master shall enter the fact of the accident, the name and contact details of any eyewitnesses, and other necessary matters in the deck log book, and it shall be approved by the P&I attorney when he visits the vessel.

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