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Marine pollution prevention - competence , training and awareness for shore staff

Planning of Education and Training

The Education for all shore staff shall include:

a) Importance of compliance with the environmental policy, procedures and requirements of environmental management
b) Significant environmental impacts, actual or potential, by operational activities

c) Awareness of roles and responsibilities in achieving conformance with the environmental policy and procedures and with the requirements of the environmental management system, including emergency preparedness and response requirements

d) Potential consequences of departure from specified operating procedures

Training shall be recorded using Record of Education & Training and List of Training Course Attendants.

ISO 14001 Training requirement

ISO 14001 requires all personnel whose work may create a significant impact on the environment will have received appropriate training. Professional certification such as Certificates of Competency, in-house training and onboard training such as oil spill drills will generally cover this requirement. However any additional training needs will be reviewed for ships to be accredited with ISO14001.

Notwithstanding the above, all ship and shore staff will undergo environmental awareness training to ensure that the Company policy is understood and followed.

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