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Container Ship Operation
Cargo stowage and planning
Cargo care at sea
Reefer cargo Troubleshoot and countermeasures
DG cargo handling
Cargo securing
Safe navigation
Hull strength & stability
stevedores injury
2 In 1 operation
2 In 1 operation damage
20 feet container operation
Break bulk cargo operation
45 feet container operation
Cargo care at sea
Containership hull strength and stability
Cargo stowage
Reefer defrosting
DG container operation
DG container documents
DG container handling
DG container stowage
Drafts maintaining
Containership factors
Foreward visibility
Gear box
Hatch cover operation
Hulldamage by stevedores
Hull stress
IMO guidelines
Irregular stowage
Lashing strength
Meeting with Heavy weather
OOG stowage
Opening closing hatch covers
Other matters
Parametric roll in a seaway
Propeller immersion
Reefer Stowage
Reefer handling
Reefer at sea
Reefer cargo deterioration
Basic guidance reefer handling
Reefer records
Commodities shipped in reefer container
Reefer temparature records
Safety of navigation
Securing arrangement
Cargo securing
Safe cargo operation
Safe cargo operation on arrival port
Receiving Cargo Stowage plan
Procedures During Cargo Operations in Containership
Procedures after Cargo Operations in Containership
Effects of shearing forces
Ships motion while underway
safety of personnel
Special stowage
Stability info
Stacking weights
Measures to protect the vessel side against stevedores injury
Caution During Cargo Operation To Prevent Stevedores Accident
Initial Response To Stevedores Accident
Confirming and Preserving the Scene of the Accident
Use Of P&I Attorney
Confirmation Statement Of Stevedores Accident
Recording And Reporting Of Stevedores Accident
Handling Stevedores Accident Prior Leaving Port
Causes of lashing failure
Hold ventilation
Navigational visibility
Container wet damage
Severe Wind and Rolling affect
Containership- Larger wind area
General precautions for tankers

General precautions prior entering freezing areas

Ship to ship transfer arrangement

Pumproom inspection for tankers

Tanker vessel operational information

Inert gas system

Sounding of tanks and bilges

Oil pollution control method

Gas freeing arrangement for oil tanker

Handling guideline for oil cargo

Oil pollution prevention method

Preparation for loading oil cargo

How to prevent spillage of oil cargo

General precautions for oil cargo loading in tankers

General precautions for tankers

Crude oil washing for tankers

General guidances for tank cleaning

General precautions for ballasting procedure

Tanker operation in a laden voyage

Preparation for discharging oil cargo

General precautions for oil cargo discharging

Personnel arragement for oil tankers

Inert condition in tanker

Oil disaster prevention

Tanker equipment and machinery

Pumproom procedure

General guidance for oil tankers

General precautions at work for tankers

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