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Ships navigation in heavy weather check item

1. Have you informed C/E (Engine Room), head of departments and crew?

2. Have you confirmed openings such as W/T doors / vents/ ports/ chain pipes/ sounding pipes etc are all closed securely?

3. Have all cargo lashings been checked and tightened?

4. Have you secured derricks, cranes and davits?

5. Have all movable objects everywhere onboard (on deck, in engine room, stores, accommodation, galley etc) been securely fixed?

6. Has ballast been adjusted to reduce free surface effect and are draft, trim, and stability conditions adequate?

7. Have you inspected anchor stowage, lashing and stoppers of anchors and chain?

8. Have brakes of the windlass been extra tightened and mooring wires and ropes been well secured?

9. Are two power units for the steering gear running?

10. Has the vessel's course and speed been adjusted as necessary (on masters orders), in order to minimize adverse effects of heavy weather?

11. Has crew been warned to not go out on weather deck without permission? And is permission granted only after appraising situation, adjusting course (on masters orders) if required?

12. Have safety ropes and hand ropes been arranged where necessary (if required)?

13. Consideration of loading Heavy weather ballast in cargo Tanks?

14. Have instructions been given on:
Keeping watch on weather reports (monitoring)

Transmitting weather reports, or danger message (in case of tropical storm) as per SOLAS V/2a

15. Any additional instructions from the Master

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