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General guidance for Containership cargo Operation

Containerized cargo carrying is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The articles here are procedures/guidelines concerning container stowage and safe handling in port, care at sea, Stacking weights, cargo securing prior departure port, Lashing Strength, Dangerous Cargo Stowage & Segregation, handling Reefer units, Special Container Stowage, Irregular Stowage of Containers, Over-stow of Containers, the safety of navigation, Hull strength & stability, stevedores injury and reporting, Hatch Cover Clearance (High cube containers Under Deck ), & Other matters regarding cargo stowage as necessary and many more detail topics related with containership operation and business.

Summarized below are some necessary procedures. These procedures are only indicative, not exhaustive, and must always be guided by practices of good seamanship.

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Confirmation and record of securing

The following checklists shall be used to confirm the securing condition:

Cargo ships preparation for sailing

Checklist for Navigation in Heavy weather

Checklist for Departure

How to maintain Water tightness, Seaworthiness, Fire integrity and Security of ship ?

Securing your vessel for sea passage - when to check and what to check

Confirming stability & hull strength prior sailing

Collecting Information and Data for Passage Planning

containership cargo hold fixtures
Containership cargo hold fixtures

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ShipsBusiness.com is merely an informational site about various aspects of ships operation,maintenance procedure, prevention of pollution and many safety guideline. The procedures explained here are only indicative, not exhaustive in nature and one must always be guided by practices of good seamanship.

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