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How to treat an injured person during navigation at sea?

The treatment of any ill or injured person on board should be initially undertaken as per the guidelines mentioned in the ‘WHO International Medical Guide for Ships’. If the Guide advises vessel to seek “Radio Medical Advice” or otherwise deemed necessary by the Master, the following procedure is to be followed In International waters, the Master should contact :

Phone: 39-06-54223045 OR 39-348-3984229
Facsimile: 39-06-5923333
E-Mail : telesoccorso@cirm.it

OR Alternatively,
Master may request Medical advice or Medical Evacuation (in case of serious medical emergency) by contacting nearest CES
by Inmarsat phone using Code 32: Medical Advice ///
Code 38: Medical Evacuation

(For example): CES is Singapore (Sentosa), then vessel should dial for medical advice 210# - 32#

The Master may also request Medical advice or Medical Evacuation (in case of serious medical emergency) by contacting nearest MRCC by Inmarsat phone, the contact details being mentioned in ALRS Volume I (NP 281)

Information Required when Requesting Assistance

(Regarding Vessel):
  1. Vessel’s Name , Call sign and Flag
  2. Position , Port of Departure and Destination, ETA

(Regarding patient):
  1. Name, Rank, Sex, Date of Birth and Nationality
  2. Temperature, Blood pressure, Pulse and Respiratory rate
  3. Patient’s Symptoms, Location of pain, associated symptoms
  4. Other medical problems with special reference to Drug or other allergies, Chronic illness and their treatment
  5. In case of accident , Nature of injury , where and how the accident took place
  6. Therapy already administered to the patient

Serious Medical Emergency

Where the Radio Medical Advice suggests emergency evacuation of the patient to shore medical facility , the Master has to liaise with the nearest Coastal State MRCC on whether; Helicopter evacuation is possible
(If affirmative, seek guidance from WHO International Medical Guide for Ships and the Guide to Helicopter/Ship Operations)

Vessel has to make an emergency entry into the nearest suitable port

Treatment of patient in port

If as a result of Radio Medical Advice or in the judgment of the Master, a visit to the Doctor ashore is necessary for any crew member , he shall request same from the local agent and use “Doctor Visit Report”. The master need to advise to the Company for pre-notice of the Doctor visit and also report the course of events with the medical certificate.

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