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Oceangoing cargo ships business, operation and onboard procedure

Oceangoing cargo ships operation involved many complexities and careful consideration will need to be made for various ship specific activities.
The purpose of the site is, to introduce the fundamental aspects of shipboard operations that can provide a safe working environment for all onboard and terminal ashore The procedures explained here are only indicative, not exhaustive in nature and one must always be guided by practices of good seamanship.

containership underway
Containership underway

Container Ship Operation

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oil tanker golden victory underway
Oil tanker underway

Basic guideline for Oil tanker Operation

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Environmental issues

Ocean Navigation

  • Ships motion at sea and required precautions
  • Maintaining stability in Container Ship Operation
  • Container Ship navigation - Meeting with Heavy weather
  • Passage planning requirement for safe navigation at sea
  • Safe anchoring practice
  • Turning circle factors
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    Charterparties for cargo ship

  • Tanker Time Charters
  • Seaworthiness for cargo ship & procedure for Insurance claim
  • Commercial Voyage Management
  • Function of bill of lading
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    Safety in engine room

  • Instructions to duty engineer during machinery operations
  • Chief engineers standing orders for engine room watchkeepers
  • Ships bunkering operation safety guideline
  • How to deal with engine trouble at various stages
  • Shipboard energy efficiency measures- Eight most essential considerations