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Instructions to the Engineer during the transfer of watch

The Chief Engineer shall designate an engineer and an engine rating to carry out the watchkeeping in port and the onboard duty after consultation with the Master.

The Chief Engineer shall deploy personnel for machinery operation in port preparing for an emergency. If the vessel is at anchor, the Chief Engineer shall ensure a watch order similar to that at sea as required .

During handing over watch for machinery operations some key points should be given priority. The taking Engineer shall go to the engine room in ample time prior to the time for such watch transfer, check the present situation of the machinery and read the Engine Logbook & log sheets for the development of events.

The handing over Engineer, shall, on successful confirmation of various parameters with his successor hand over the following information to the successor.

Matters concerning the main engine revolution per minute, operational condition of main and auxiliary machinery, and the handle notch of the diesel engine.

Matters concerning the present condition of bilge, oil tanks, boiler water tanks, etc.

Matters concerning abnormal machinery.

Matters concerning the present situation of various operations of the Engine Department and the movement of Engine Ratings.

Matters concerning special instructions from the Chief Engineer or other Engineer, and any information given from the bridge.

Other necessary items.

The Engineer of the watch shall, on watch transfer, receive necessary information from the Officer of the watch such as weather and sea conditions, and the distance run, and enter them in the Engine Logbook, as well as giving information to the Officer of the watch on the average revolution of the main engine and other necessary items.

Instructions to Engine Rating on watch transfer

The Engine Rating who is to take an engine room watch shall proceed to the engine room in ample time prior to the time of watch transfer and check the present condition of each machine.

The Engine Rating, on the transfer of his watch, shall hand over the following information and report to the Engineer of the watch that he has finished his handover procedure.

Matters concerning the operational condition of the main engine and principal auxiliary engines.

Matters concerning the present conditions of the engine room bilge and oil tanks.

Matters concerning information handed over from the previous watch.

Whether each place has leaks or not.

Other necessary items.

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