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Procedures for smuggling prevention onboard cargo ships

Preventive measures against unauthorised boarding aboard

The Master shall endeavor to prevent unauthorized boarding aboard by “Access control” in line with provisions of SSP (Ship Security Plan).

Procedures for onboard search

The Master shall, as he deems necessary, conduct search of all accessible parts of ship including crew cabins for illegal Contraband Goods. In areas of high risk and/or if specific information has been received by the vessel, additional searches to be made.

What are “Contraband items” ?

“Contraband Goods” mean narcotics, stimulants, guns, swords, animals, plants, and other products, the possession, transport and sale of which, are prohibited by laws of the country of flag or calling port of the vessel.

Restricted areas

All restricted areas must be locked (or sealed where safety prevails over the need for security) at all times (unless manned). This, while preventing unauthorized intrusion also assists in quick monitoring and search checks

The Master shall use ship-specific “Search checklists”

The Master shall designate crew members for the search

The Master shall inspect crew personal belongings as well when necessary.

If any Contraband Goods are discovered by the search, the Master shall place such goods under his control, and report to the Company immediately.


Do not touch such discovered goods as far as possible. Drugs, in particular, must be treated very carefully, since inhalation, and sometimes, only skin contact is dangerous.

The Master shall enter the record of full or partial search with results of the search, in the log book.

Additional measures for vessel calling U.S.A. Ports

The onboard search shall be carried out without fail, in one of the following cases and results entered in the deck log book :

• Just before sailing for a U.S. port

• Soon after sailing for a U.S. port

• Prior to arrival at the 1st U.S. port

The Master shall put up the poster of “Prevention of Drug Smuggling” at public spaces such as Mess rooms and Ship’s offices.

Reference publications

• Ship Security Plan (SSP)

• Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse (ICS)

• Guidelines for the Control of Drugs and Alcohol Onboard Ship (OCIMF)

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