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Ships operation- Procedures to use planned maintenance

The purpose of the planned maintenance system is:

• To ensure that all maintenance is carried out with adequate intervals, and in accordance with the schedule in the planned maintenance system.

• To maintain and keep all engines, machinery and technical components in good working order at all times, to avoid stoppages and to maintain charter party speed and consumption requirements.

• To avoid interruption and oversight of work by covering all of the work.

• To make clear demarcation between onboard and shore maintenance work.

How To Use

• The “Planned Maintenance System” shall be under the supervision of “Onboard Management & Maintenance Committee.”

• The Chief Engineer, Chief Officer or First Engineer shall record the results of maintenance and inspection .

• The completed Data of “Planned Maintenance System” of both deck department and engine department shall be approved by chief officer and chief engineer respectively then checked by the Master, and submitted to the Technical Superintendent in charge accompanied with the vessel’s comments for improvements every month.

• The Technical Superintendent in charge shall ensure that the “Planned Maintenance System” is working in order and shall respond to the vessel’s comments with relevant instructions.

• The maintenance intervals of each article in the system can be adjusted when necessary; the vessel shall request the Technical Superintendent in charge with the established form.

Composition of “Planned Maintenance System”

The system is composed of deck department and engine department. The deck department covers cargo related, radio related and catering related equipment.

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