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Environment friendly purchasing -Ways to mitigate marine pollution

Spares and supplies are to be sourced in a planned manner with a view to reducing unnecessary movement of parts.

Best practice is to ensure orders are consolidated (Bulk purchasing) to reduce use of packing Material. Use of products that are environment friendly should be encouraged and suppliers who have an environmental management system should be given priority wherever possible and practicable.

Suppliers and Contractors

Due regard should be had to environmental considerations when choosing and contracting suppliers of services and supplies. This includes repair squads, dry-docks and general purchasing. When requesting such services, the party quoting for business should be asked whether they are certified to ISO14001 or other environmental standards. However the decision whether or not to use a supplier must take into consideration all other aspects as well and a balanced judgement made, taking environmental aspects into consideration wherever possible.

Wherever possible, procedures are to be established relating to any significant aspect which may be identified in relation to suppliers of goods and services. In such cases (for example, minimising packaging material) these procedures are to be communicated to the relevant supplier.

During dry-docks, Masters or Superintendents should carry out a check to ensure that stated environmental methods and objectives are being carried out by the yard in question. When requesting supplies and spares for ships, a request should be made to keep packaging to a safe minimum in order to avoid unnecessary waste. Other considerations to take into account when ordering supplies, including those for the office, are the use of recyclable materials and methods and distance of delivery.

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