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Dangers of asbestos dust & environmental aspects

Asbestos dust can cause lung disease or lung cancer. At some instance carrying out repairs may liable to create asbestos dust, below precaution to be taken into consideration :
  1. where possible, any work involved which might generate asbestos dust in the atmosphere should be left until the ship is in port and proper facilities and equipment can be utilised.
  2. If it is essential for such work to be carried out, every precaution should be taken to generate as little asbestos dust as possible.
  3. Access to areas where work is taking place should be limited to the personnel involved
  4. where practical, working area should be closed off, ie, with plastic sheeting and signs
  5. respiratory protective equipment approved for the purpose should be used.

When identifying and specifying significant environmental aspects, it is advisable, take a broad approach which includes shore-based and shipboard operations and those of suppliers.The process to identify the significant environmental aspects associated with the activities at the operational departments both onshore or offshore where appropriate, considers:
  1. cite types and sources of pollution in the shipping industry
  2. outline the harmful effects each pollution source has on the environment

  3. implement practical measures which can be employed to reduce pollution at sea
  4. describe the current and upcoming environmental regulations in response to different pollutants
  5. recognise special regulations applying to ships sailing in the waters of the United States.
  6. The creation, emission or discharge of any type of pollutants
  7. The use of resources e.g. materials and energy

Selection of Environmental Aspects

Environmental aspects shall be identified and out of these only significant aspects shall be entered in the Record of Master List of Environmental Aspects .

Environmental aspects reported from a ship (master, auditors) and office ashore where environmental impacts have actually occurred or may have the potential to occur.

Environmental aspects that take into account planned or new developments, or new or modified activities.

Evaluation of Environmental Aspects

The management shall evaluate the environmental aspects, on the basis of the Environmental Aspect Evaluation Criteria .

Evaluation and review

Annual Review shall be conducted of selected environmental aspects and reported to Environmental Manager ashore.

Occasional review of environmental aspects, including significant ones, as necessary, shall be done in one of the following cases.

a) Change of the Managements environmental policies, objectives and targets;

b) Interested parties requirements;

c) Occurrence of significant environmental impacts;

d) Amendment to or discontinuation of any legal or other requirements; and

e) Installation of a new type of equipment / change of cargo handling equipment

Legal & Other Requirements

Environment Manager ashore will distribute List of Environmental Regulations and the Register of Legal Environmental Regulations

They include the laws pertaining to environment e.g. MARPOL, Kyoto Protocol, Ballast Water Management and other IMO/ Local / National Legislation of countries visited by the ships pertaining to Environment Management e.g. California CARB

Research & Awareness of Legal Environmental Regulations

The management shall research into the above-mentioned list of regulations which relate to its environmental aspects, to determine if any changes or additions to the above have occurred and impact of such regulation on ships operational procedures.

After receipt of above shall communicate the information in organization for awareness, training and compliance.

Annual review of the new/forthcoming conventions shall be carried out and submitted to Environmental Sub Committee. The result shall be recorded in form of Checklist

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