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Container ship operation : ensuring safety of personnel

Containership operations are personnel intensive. Although over the years, the transition from general cargo to containerized cargo and from non standard vessels to standard cellular container vessels has reduced manpower requirements on board.

In port stevedores board the vessel for lashing, unlashing and cargo operations and their safety whilst on board is the vessels responsibility. It is important to understand that any injury caused to stevedores or shore personnel due to a condition on board being unsafe, can result in very large claims to the vessel.

On board containerships there are several potential safety hazards in the cargo working area and these will have to be identified, made safe and monitored to ensure continued safety.

All obstructions/protrusions on deck must be Marked / Highlighted, safety rails / guard rails, walkways, ladders, handholds etc must be maintained in good condition and safety ropes/nets must be rigged where necessary.
ships crew in a group
Fig: ships crew

Personnel should not be near / under objects like Containers, Hatch covers etc then these are moving overhead.

When hatch covers are closed, forced ventilation must be operated for a suitable period of time before man entry into cargo holds.

Safe access to and from the vessel, its cargo working areas and cargo holds must be provided and maintained at all times. All cargo working areas and accesses must be adequately illuminated.

ships crew in a mood

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