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Container Stowage Plan affecting hull strength & stability of ship

Shearing forces, Bending moments and Torsional moment
: When considering acceptability of a container cargo stowage plan, the following procedures/guidelines concerning hull strength & stability shall be taken into account:

Shearing forces, Bending moments and Torsional moments - These three predominant types of hull stresses affect container ships and vary due to changes in the distribution of weights on board (cargo, ballast and fuel).

Information on maximum allowable stresses at designated frames of the vessel is provided in the vessels loading manual and these maximum values must never be exceeded.

Stresses are usually expressed in terms of percentage with 100% being the ceiling limit. Hull stresses must be kept to the minimum as practicable and must never be allowed to exceed 100%. It is recommended that as far as possible, Hull stresses be maintained below 90% or thereabout.

This is especially applicable to container vessels having a larger length to breadth ratio (e.g. Panamax size container ships). Such ships are prone to stress cracks in the hull structure High stresses may be reduced by adjusting the vessels Ballast / Fuel condition.

If this does not result in bringing the stresses within required limits, the Terminal planner / Central planner must be informed and cargo stow plan appropriately modified.

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